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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Haraki to Kalathos

Haraki beach

A 5.5 mile walk along the Rhodes coast from Haraki to Kalathos

Although short, this is a good afternoons walk along the beach around the bay between the two villages of Haraki and Kalathos. Once out of Haraki the beach becomes deserted of people with the barren land dotted with olive trees on one side and the deep blue sea on the other. The beach is shingle and can become heavy going but for some of the distance there is a dusty track just beyond the beach which makes for easier walking. Take it easy, with stops to dip ones feet in the sea and this makes a relaxing introduction to Rhodes walking.

Haraki to Kalathos Walk - Essential Information

Walk Statistics:

Start point
HarakiView in Google Map
End Point
KalathosView in Google Map
Total Walk distance
5.5 miles
Walk difficulty
Difficult walking across shingle


Dimitri Studios, Pefkos Camp site View in Google Map
Dimitri Studios, Pefkos offering self catering apartment studios overlooking Pefkos town with splendid views across the bay


Rhodes Public Transport - bus Service
Service Number
Pefkos to Rhodes Town - Rhodes Public bus service from Pefkos to Rhodes town. Stops at turns for both Haraki and Kalathos

Walk Data

Date of Walk
Walk Time
13:30 to 16:30
Griffmonster, Kat
Weather Conditions
Hot sunny day with clear blue skies

Walk Notes

Having walked extensively throughout the UK it is a bit of a shock to the system starting walking in Rhodes. First of all there is no equivalent of an OS map and the published maps of the island are predominantly orientated towards the driver. Although the Kompass map we had bought with us was better than most, paths and tracks were still not very clearly defined and this first walk soon proved the point once we needed to head away from the coast and into Kalathos. The map depicts a single track that leads directly into the village but in reality the featureless and barren landscape had many tracks leading across it and it took a little calculated guesswork as to which should be taken.

Heat is another aspect of walking in Rhodes that needs to be allowed for. In the UK I have walked in the hottest of summers without any difficulty and was a good judge as to how far I could go without any water supplies. This certainly cannot be applied to walking in Rhodes, where no matter how little distance one intends to go, water is absolutely essential. The lesson was learnt when we attempted the beach walk between Haraki and Kalathos. At a distance of 3 miles, which should, in UK terms, take no more than a little over an hour, in Rhodes takes longer and it was a sure mistake to walk this without any supplies. After several dips in the sea to cool down and a dousing of water with some discarded water bottles in the welcome shade of a concrete shelter we made the distance. But of all the walking I have ever done I don't mind saying that it was scary and dehydration was setting in. We spent a good half an hour in the shelter allowing the body to cool down and acclimatise before continuing. Lesson definitely learnt. No matter how small the distance water is absolutely essential.

As we walked from that shelter towards Kalathos there was a sign depicting no photography allowed in the direction from where we had come. I had already taken numerous shots but had not a clue as to why such a ban was in place!

Days end at Pefkos
Days end at Pefkos


The public bus from Pefkos to Rhodes stops at the junction down into Haraki. From here walk down the Haraki road for about a mile to the village and head around the south side to the beach. Follow the beach around the bay southwards to Kalathos. There are tracks alongside the beach for part of the distance which is easier walking than the shingle. Before reaching Kalathos beach there is a car park with a track leading inland. Take this track and follow it around to the left ignoring all other tracks branching off on the right. This eventually comes to a crossroads with Konstantin Restaurant on the right. Take the right turn and this leads back to the main road. The bus stop can be found a hundred yards left down the road.

Track back to KalathosHeat haze on the road at Kalathos
On the left Track back to Kalathos; On the right Heat haze on the road at Kalathos


Tommy's Taverna, Haraki View in Google Map

Tommy's Taverna, Haraki

Small Taverna on the southern edge of Haraki offering traditional Greek cuisine and drinks.


The taverna was somewhat empty so the service was immediate. Cheese balls, Greek salad and bread together with Alpha beer which was all very good.

Konstantin Restaurant, Kalathos View in Google Map

Konstantin Restaurant, Kalathos

Built in 1999 and situated in a landscaped garden with a view of Kalathos village, this modern restaurant has a wine cellar with more than 50 red wines, 35 white wines from the Greek wine-growing regions as well as many European and new world wines. Traditional Greek cuisine including fresh local fish and seafood.


We only had bottles of ice cold water here. Friendly modern taverna.

Feraclos Castle built by the Knights of St John
Feraclos Castle built by the Knights of St John


HarakiView in Google Map

Haraki, aka Charaki (Greek: Χαράκι) is a small fishing village on the east coast of the island of Rhodes that is also a popular small holiday resort, with the usual tavernas, restaurants and bars. Overlooking Haraki is an acropolis known as Feraclos Castle (aka Feraklos) (Greek Φεράκλος) - Feraclos was built by the Knights of St John, and was the last stronghold in Rhodes to succumb to the Ottoman Empire. From the Feraclos castle you can have a panoramic view of Haraki, the sandy beach of Agia Agathi,and more far to the south the town of Lindos.

beach from Kalathos
beach from Kalathos


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  1. Quite excited about this new blog of yours, Griff. I'll place another link on my "links" page!

  2. Thanks John - I will get the other Rhodes walks on here. Takes a little time for me to catch up :)

    1. "Takes a little time" eh? Griff? Incidentally, Trevor (comment below) has a penchant for the dramatic. I've never heard of anyone getting shot either on that walk or anywhere else. Except that is for the wild game shooters in the hills who occasionally bag eachother!!

  3. Trevor Mcilveen15 March 2013 at 09:43

    Griff. Lucky you didnt get shot on this walk
    The no photography signs like all over the island indicate army pressence
    That area is used for shooting practice

  4. oh my goodness, thanks Trevor, good job it was during the siesta time


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